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Mobile No: 9028033690/8551016911

Mail ID: rajani.iyer15@gmail.com

I received a message in my mobile: 9028033690 on 3rd week of July 2014, with contact mobile number of the person of Zikomotrade.com and also phone calls from them informing me about the scheme to deposit money on some of their schemes and they promised me every day that they will pay money of 2% or 3% as per company’s rules in my opening account of their company. For example:  Rs. 60000 if I invest, they will pay on 3% i.e. 1800 per day for 100 working days means Rs. 60000 if I invest I will get total of Rs.1,80,000 at the end of 100 days excluding Saturdays and Sundays but they will not repay 60000 and also 7% of my every day earning goes as brokerage of the company Zikomotrade.   Their words in website are as follows:-

“At Zikomotrade, we believe our role is to secure your future. We believe that looking after your financial needs is the most important goal we can attain. We have made investing easy for both new and experienced online investors. We offer good slabs of investment options tailored to your financial situation and goals. Our investment slabs put you in control of your own future and you'll have the insight to make fast, well-informed investment decisions. It lets you invest your money with the certainty of a fixed interest rate and a choice of terms. The set of investment slabs has been developed by our analysts in order to receive fixed guaranteed income every day. Having invested in these investment slabs, you will receive accruals on your account in Zikomotrade every day”.

Accordingly I have deposited 60000 (1000$) on 19th July 2014 by my Citi bank credit card.  I have been told I will get 3% every day for 100 days.  1st week end they have given me one payout after deduction of 7%.  2nd week payout not credited to my account and contacted the person on 97029444940 on Monday.  He told within a day it will get credited.

I tried to contact the person on 97029444940 who called me and made me to pay for this scheme was not attending my calls from Wednesday i.e 6th August 2014.  Now I felt they are fraud and fake company. With huge hope and full trust I invested Rs 60000 /- from my credit card and also my hardened money. I invested money without knowing anybody from my house to avoid problems and I myself taken huge risk.  Now I am in very much problem.

Their Address is :

Room-12, Siddharth Nagar, Near Jija Mata School, Siddharth Nagar, Kukar Gaon, Malad East, Maharashtra, Mumbai 400097


Website: www.zikomotrade.com




The Phone calls  I received from them was : Country Manager : 9930869681, Area Manager : 8655821721 ,  Other staff : Niru – 97029444940 and other one 9702994654.   I have been given login page/my account in their website to check every day money credited but now I tried a lot it is inactive and contact details also inactive, I feel they must have they deleted.  

I do not know what to do in this matter. Now I came to know 100% they had given fake promises and they are totally fraud. Hence I wish to file a complaint against them through your esteemed organization and also I humbly request you to solve my problem as early as possible, by way of repaying/refunding money from them whatever I paid.

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