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The best part lies in the end. Please grab a coffee. Thank you for reading.
A brand that has rude people, they close complaints on their helpdesk without any comments/remarks, and are least bothered to respond, and keep the stuff forever that customers send them over a courier. My trial.
I don’t usually prefer to criticize, but this is out of overwhelm after a disheartening trial of 25-days with U.S. Polo Assn. a reputed brand ofJordache. I would call this the best example of WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and Treachery.
I bought a jacket worth 6000 bucks from U.S. Polo, ‪#‎AmbienceMall‬,‪#‎Gurgaon‬, India last month. ‪#‎StoreManager‬: <b>Mr. Sunny Bagga</b>. The collar was tainted, deep black, which I saw the next evening. Unfortunately, by then, I was home, Amritsar. The very next day, I went to U.S. Polo exclusive showroom at Alpha One, Amritsar. They admitted it was a faulty piece but refused to exchange since they were from another retailer. (Understood).
Trial starts:
I called up the store from where I’d purchased the piece, sent them the photos also, they said I needed to come to Gurgaon, 470 Kms away  I refused to go and said I’d courier the jacket, they said they’ll look for an alternate. Then after a few days of follow-up they said I needed to go to Chandigarh, 250 Kms away  I requested if they could make arrangements to exchange from Amritsar. Okay. A few more days with follow-ups. The store manager, <b>Sunny Bagga</b> said he had arranged for an exchange and the area manager would meet me and handover the new piece. Till this time, I avoided to wear the jacket.
The winters are about to be over by now. So I wore the jacket for about 4-5 days. I called them up again to check the status and the Store Manager tells me I needed to courier the jacket. I did. Insured courier, spent another 400 bucks. I call them after 3 days and they tell me they can’t replace the jacket since it is dirty now.
Most interesting part starts now:
I tried to make them understand why I wore the jacket and that it was already faulty at collar. But the one who took the call “banged the phone” and never reached back. He was rude while speaking.
The store manager, Mr. Sunny Bagga, committed to call back and write back couple of times but never did so. Such irresponsible person.
Even interesting:
Most interestingly, I raised a complaint with ‪#‎USPoloZendesk‬ that operates from the ‪#‎US‬, and they closed my complaint without any comments/ remarks. I raised it again and the same thing.
The climax:
My jacket still lies with them but they’ve never responded in last 3 days. I’m not expecting my jacket now, they may destroy it. I Just wanted to share that you are aware of such services.
Would be a great help to others if you can please share. Thanks.
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