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Hi Sir,

My name is VenkataMurali lingam(Contact number: 07799878979, email : murali.venkatakrishna@gmail.com),I have requested Internet 3G services and concern team has provided me 2G services (My Tata photon Docomo number : 9246831765, customer care number: 1800 266 121)without mentioning about the service supported by the device , charged around Rs.2000 and given me impression that it is of 3G service.infact I already have 2G service device from same Tata Docomo which I deactivated which can be  activated again any time.

When I called Tata Docomo customer care for complaining about low speed ,I got to know that the device I was using is of 2G,so I have complained about same.Now concern department from Tata Docomo is not taking responsibility of miscommunication even and was blaming me that they had informed in welcoming call where as I don't even remember if I got the such call.

I'm working as technical lead in Wipro technologies and can understand if I was been informed about the service afront using the service.

I have also referred one of my college to take the service before I faced issue and he is also not satisfied with such bluff by Tata docomo.

I'm not complaining this because I just have a feeling of got cheated but also I don't want any other consumer to be cheated by Tata Docomo Internet services.

Please do the needful so Tata Docomo Internet providers won't take it granted to cheat consumers.



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