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I am customer of TATA broadband since 3 years. But nowadays TATA’s service have been becoming worst. In first year of their service, I raised 4 service requests (complains) about internet not working. In second year, I raised around 7 service requests and in this year I raised around 22 service requests. You can be judging how this service is becoming worst.

My service request no 16130576 created on 6th July,2014 about internet not working and resolved after 3 days. My service request no 16142188 created on 17th July, 2014 about internet not working and resolved after 5 days.

Again same issue happened and service request no 16190800 on 4th October, 2014 about internet not working and resolved after 4 days.

While I asked reimbursement of above days then TATA support informed me that during service request days they found my account usage. Then they didn’t provide me reimbursement. I investigated this issue and found some hacker is using my account from another TATA’s IP during my absent of home time. It means hacker is having my username, password and also aware of time availability of home. He is accessing my account from any destination which has also TATA broadband connection. It means, this kind of information could be leaked by TATA’s employee (field staff engineers) who visited my home for troubleshooting issue.

I raised this complaint to TATA nodal officer and Appellate officer. I sent several mails. But unfortunately result is ZERO. There is no one taking care to reply of my mails about this issue. They are totally irresponsible and careless officials. If customer care doesn’t provide good support and you are not satisfied then we need to complain higher authority like nodal officer in charge or appellate authority. But here in TATA broadband there is no nodal officer and appellate authority are working or if they are working then they are not totally irresponsible or careless. I am totally disappointing of their attitude and misbehaving.

In best scenario, they should need to response my mails and investigate issue privately for examining offensive crime. But this is India and nobody takes care of customer. Prime Minister said to develop “smart city” in India. If this kind of company and people will stay in “smart city” then who will say it is smart city?

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