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Hi Sir,

I am Amardeep Thakur from Sri Dstributors Hyderabad( Telangana),my mail id sadguruthakur4u@gmail.com  Here, By this mail i just wanted to inform you that  the Rasna company Betrayed us……….. once they said they would exchange the expiry stock if it got expired but now when the stock got expired nobody is taking the resposibility of that stock even i called Harshad siddiqiue(CEO Of the Rasna Ju-C)  about this but later i came to know that he  resigned  from the company anyhow i got the contact of nithin (executive director of the rasna company) he is also not giving any proper response now tell me where to go …… the moment i took the dstributorship of rasna nobody had come to my place not even RSM  and ASM neither they arranged me a psr anyhow  i managed to supply the stock on my own because of my face value i have covered almost all areas but when i order for the fresh stock they have supplied me a expiry stock when i ask them to exchange nobody is respondng……… at my place almost 50,000 stock is remaind which is really screwed me up  ………not even  me From Hyderabad  almost Four Distibutors  are there thy too suffering from the same probelm ……Plz do something to brng our money back

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