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I joined this institute for 3 months training and placement in Wireless communication technologies in Pulsetone Industries, Bangalore . Earlier they told me that they will place us in core telecom domain and also would get me a job near my hometown. But after paying the money they changed their behaviour towards us. The training inchargeSwamynathan also abuses students in class and criticizes them saying they don't have good academics or they are not good in communication. The training is worst as they give no practical experience as was said to us during time of admission. If they bring any companies for interviews either they don't give results or they give jobs to engineers but the jobs are like diploma level jobs with no growth and no scope in future. After theory training is complete they ask us to wait for interviews but no interviews are conducted and only our money is wasted. I wasted my 3 important months on this course where I got no certificate, no job & no practical knowledge.

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