Pegasus airline – Deliberate delay caused


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I a pregnant lady. I booked a flight along with my young child to Tehran via Istanbul on 13/ July 2014 from London stansted airport . The staff behind the check-in called Glen no need to say very untrained and acting unprofessional, printed my boarding cards to my first and second routs, but just handed half of them to me and sent me to the gate. When I arrived at the gate the security obviously stopped us as we did not have our boarding cards! Although they were aware of their own mistake they sent us back to check in desk which you can only imagine how long it would take to get there and back in busy times like July. By the time I got there a guy called Adam saw us, ignored us and closed the gate causing us to miss the flight! Then they offered to sell us two one way tickets for an addition cost if £1140, which I obviously refused to pay. I do not believe a cheap airline should mean cheap attitude . Although their own fault they have not yet emailed or even acknowledged the problem. I had to go and visit my terminally ill dad, but when back in uk if still ignored by them I will definitely get my solicitor and MP involved to stop them cunning people in this very unprofessional and disgusting tactic. I will not recommend nor use this scammer airline again.

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