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I bought a NOKIA LUMIA 630 DUAL SIM PHONE around 15 -16 days back. Starting from there there came a huge bundle of problems/defects with the phone. On the very next day problem of NO VOICE occurred. After 2-3 days the phone started hanging and apps didn't open at all sometimes. I went to Nokia care center 3 times for the same problem they always see the phone nd just say now it will not occr then i take proofs of this hanging and not responding along with me (i.e. videos of working of the phone).Then they said they will send it to the NOKIA for its repair/replacement. After 10 DAYS i got my phone back though the problem is solved it now has memory card slot issue. The memory card slot is not working now. I think i should NEVER buy NOKIA again and never suggest it to anybody else for there future benefits. THIS IS WHAT I BOUGHT A NEW PHONE ???

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