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We are the top spender in the myntra shopping festival held in April. We had won 3 iphone5s On daily basis ie on 26, 27, 28 April and we had won the highest weekly spender prize also that is 1lakh tanish voucher. But as soon as time came to dispatch the gifts myntra people had blocked all our ids and given the bullshit reason that your return is more as its nowhere mentioned on myntra website that you cant return product. Still after that MR.KIRAN HS from escalation team confirmed that we will get our all gifts even i have PROOF IN THE FORM OF AUDIO with me. After few days when they have to return money he told you will get 1phone 5s only. But from total of Rs.543000 shopping we had successfully completed Rs.430000 shopping. For this much shopping they had given us 1iphone only. So now we have all the evidences of what we had won and what myntra had promised in form of photos and AUDIO conversation. So please dispatch our remaining gifts or else i will take some legal action as i am having all kind of proofs with me.

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