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Dear Sir/Mam, On the news paper i read an advertisement for installation of mobile tower on your empty plot or on above the roof of your house.I called the company they asked me my property info and said that if the tower area passes then i will have to pay only Rs 700 as registration fees inthe account of Mr Gaurav Singh and according to advertisement they promised to give Rs 30, 00, 000 as advance and Rs 25, 000/month as rent for 20 years with agreement and a job for a person, i agreed and paid Rs 700 as registration fee after few days they asked to pay Rs 2900 as U.P.Govt tax that also i paid and after few days they asked me to pay Rs 25, 000 as labor commission and other charges that also i paid and also to come to your property site when i asked about cancellation policy they said that if the agreement is cancelled then i will get back my Rs 25000 but they again asked me to pay Rs 50, 000 as engineer charge, This time i regretted and asked my money back because from the very beginning i have been asking about how much i have to pay they said only Rs700 but they have asked me 2900+25000 and i have paid, but after asking my money back they started abusing me and said that you will not get your money back and also said to me that you can go wherever you like.

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