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It was a very horrible moment when I attended in plant training in kaashiv info tech. While entering inside that company sorry I should not say it as a company; it’s a tuition center, there will be a big comedy poster in the wall. Guess what it is ??? Charles Chaplin photo . No. Its kaashiv info tech MD photo. Two very big size photos mentioning Venkat at Australia and Venkat at California. Actually Venkat Sir plays the lead role in the entire comedy. After entering into the training session, a very big shock for me. Yes more than 200 students were there for class. During the enquiry time they told training program is fully practical and hands on, but in real I was sitting one among 200 donkeys. Then our comedy king Venkat Sir entered into the hall with another guy. The only work for the other guy is taking a photo of our comedy king. Yes, I attened 5 days class, in each and every class they are taking more than 100 snaps of Venkat Sir’s beautiful face. Coming to the session, In 2 hour session, he will be explaining about his profile for more than one hour (A proud smile everytime; paaaahhhhh), that was the very horrible thing in the entire comedy. He was keep on telling about himself. Do you think it is only for the first day. A big NOOOOOOOOOO. In all the 5 days class he was showing off about his profile. I really thought inplant training means I will get some practical exposure, finally waste of time and waste of money. friends, please analyse any companies before going there.

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