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Please be informed that I received the 1st email from Imapp Info solution on 10th June 2014. My 1st point of contact was Anchal ( Since it was the beginning of the process she called me every day for doing technical evaluation. I have all the recording for her text sent to me stating that the reason she is doing so much follow is because they have the relevant openings as per my profile. So finally I agreed and did the technical evaluation by paying Rs.1000 on 2nd July 2014. Please find attached below the Slip for the same.

Hot Payment Successful. An e-receipt for the transaction presented below.

Transaction Reference Number:612181126

Transaction typeTransfer Funds to Other ICICI Bank Account

Date of transaction02/07/2014

From ICICI bank account037601525954-NEELAM MORE

To payee629405042909-PREET

Transaction amount (INR)INR 1,000.00

RemarksKindly update Payment mode


After some time the below email was sent to me. Then later I was informed to pay 60000 one time money for registration. Below points were mentioned to me.

Rest your accommodation, Meals, to-fro travel   will be taken care by the company.
There would be no limit to the number of applications that will be made to the prospective employers.
We will be providing you 15 interviews and this thing would be mentioned in the Legal Agreement.

Hence I paid 60000 on 21st July 2014. The slip is attached for the same. The Anchal sent me the list of documents that I need to submit to start the process.


Birth certificate
Reference letters from all employers dated
Appointment letters
Appraisal letters
All Education certificates
A legal agreement stating your family member name and mention that they don’t have any problem of you going abroad for job.
At least 3 address proof
At least 3 id proof
Police verification letter
One medical certificate
Evidence of the relationship between the applicant and all family  unit members.


I submitted all the documents except reference letter of all employers since couple of companies that I worked with were no longer in business. So them Prerna Kumari enters the game. She claimed she is from documentation dept. but honestly she doesn’t have any knowledge on documentations. Then they never called me for 2 months. So I decided to call them to check on process. Anchal started to avoid my call. She was busy in meeting 24*7. Busy girl I must say.


So Anchal had asked Prerna to call me for further details. She said that I need to submit the reference letter. I informed her about the situation, and then she asked to me talk to Pradeep Shukla (Director of Imapp). I spoke to him and he said it’s ok if I produce the affidavits for missing reference letter and Salary slip. So I spent 3500 to get the affidavit. After receiving the affidavit, Prerna said we cannot accept this. I fail to understand if Director was ok what problem she had. She said Director doesn’t know any thing and I am the concern person here. Finally after having the word with Pradeep she was ok to take the documents. She sent me an email stating that all the documentation is completed. Please find below.


Sent on 10-10-2014

I have received your document regarding your appraisal, reference and Sir your documents have been completed.

once i talk with my sir then i will let you about your process.


Now they come up with a new story of Transcript certificate. I never heard about this one and neither was it mentioned in the documentation check list. I went to university thrice asking for the same. They replied they don’t issue transcript certificate for below 2007 batch but they gave me migration/transfer certificate. I called Prerna and informed her about the same. She said its ok they will accept migration/transfer certificate. Then after some days she again called me back and said they need Transcript certificate; I said that university is not issuing that. She said to me that you don’t know how to demand. I was really irate the way she was talking. Then I said only for you I will go there again and request them. But the answer was same.


Then Prerna called me and said that if you don’t give Transcript certificate then we will cancel your process. I said ok then. She called me again and said to make fraud documents. She said that many people do that. Even she did the same thing. I was scared to hear this. I was sure now that I was not dealing with a legit company. She was on phone with me for 30 minutes and all the time she was saying to make fraud documents. She said lot of their clients do that. I said no, I will not cheat the system. This was not professional. Hence I asked them to cancel my process.

Then Pradeep Shukla called me and requested me to hold the procedure and said they are coming up with 100% sponsorship programme. If I pay 3500 he will provide me interview and he will also refund me my entire money. Again I was scared to do, but I thought lets give a final try. So I paid those 3500 in the month of November and also referred one of my friends to them. They registered me again for the interview Registration no. – PRIIS-0008. They informed us that our interview is scheduled on 5th to 9th Dec. So I booked my flight tickets accordingly. Then they said it is changed to 19th December. Hence I paid the cancellation charges of 2500 for my flight ticket. So I and my friend were calling them like crazy to get the company details and JD, but no one was answering our phone. Finally today we got Parul on line (All the time Prerna was speaking to me with Parul’s name) she said that she will confirm the interview dates and company details by EOD. She also mentioned in previous conversations that client from abroad will come for interview. The way she was talking I know something was not right. She said she will ask Manish (one if the director) to call us. He called us and changed the entire story. He said that all the Hr is on Christmas holiday now and no one is coming for interview. The only option was Skype. We said the only reason why we signed up for this process was because of face to face interview. He was very much aggressive on phone, not him but the entire team is a bunch of non professional guys who only play with carrier to their clients. He made us so angry so that we say to cancel the process, which we did. Then Prerna sends me a text that technical evaluation is already done. I fail to understand with submitting any documents how come they did the evaluation.

So I called manish to cancel the entire process of 3500 and 60000 that I paid earlier. I gave him the valid reason for your company not been professional and not reverting to anything. Also most importantly his team asked me to make fraud documents and forcing me to go on a wrong way. Pradeep ensured me that I will get the full refund but Manish has to say that you can talk to my Lawyer, he will refund you the money in 7 days . I fail to understand where is my mistake in this? I think when I said no for preparing fraud documents that’s when they got aggravated.

Hence kindly cancel my entire process and refund full amount of 60000 and 3500 plus all the other charged that I incurred in preparing affidavits, canceling my flight ticket etc. Also send me entire documents back to me at the earliest

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