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Imapp Info Solution is running fraudulent and immigration fraud in Delhi We are a total of over 5 victims They have almost cheated us for 2 lacs


Please find below the complaint number raised to different dept  Please find attached the FIR for the same as well


Consumer court complaint ID: 12618432014

i Complain Forum 30500

Complaint Number RTI India Central information Commission RCUG15458bqc1


Please find below the details of complaints


Complaint 1 Preetpal Singh Imapp info solution cheated me over 70000 = other expenses They promised me a job for NZ after submitting all the money and document not even a single interview was scheduled Top of it they are just mentally harassing me when I am asking for my refund They also faked my email ID to correct their reputation of their company Please find below the email from consumer forum They have done economic offence Mental Harassment and Identity theft

From ICF mailto admin2icf@gmailcom
Sent 02 March 2015 10:55
To Preetpal Bhola Prreitt
Subject Reg Imapp Info Solution


Please check the email id again It is prreitt@uymailcom We received mail from this id as if you are writing to us to delete the complaint Below are the contents of the mail that we received from prreitt@uymailcom


Complaint 2 Prashant HV

Prashant located in Bangalore was also cheated over 75000 rupees They promised him a job in Australia After submitting all the documents and money they scheduled fake interview with companies When we cross checked with company they said that they never posted any such job opening in India They had also faked MARA ID of George Lombard They are giving run around for refunding the money


Complaint 3 Vinay Shukla

Vinay is one of my friend who paid 5000 for job interview in Aus and NZ but after paying 5000 no technical evaluation form or not even a single interview was scheduled


Complaint 4 Amit Jain

Amit Jain located in HYD is also one of the victim for fake interview He is an IT professional he paid 5000 for job in AUS and NZ However even he was scheduled fake interviews by imapp info solution without even disclosing company’s name Now they are forcing him to pay 60000 for further process


Complaint 5 Rahul Singh

Based in Delhi was also duped by Imapp Info Solution They took 5000 from him as well and scheduled fake interview When he asked about the feedback they not even care to respond


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