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I had placed an order with Home Shop18 for Dr. Morepen Gluco One BG 02 Glucose Monitor costing Rs.1125 and after discount Rs.1075 on 20September 2014 order No.953890955, the package included:
1 Gluco Meter (Battery Included)
25 Coded Test Strips
1 Lancing Device
10 Lancets
1 Carry Case
1 Owner’s Manual
1 First Time Using Guide
I received the package on 24 September 2014
I only received the monitoring machine, pouch, lancing device, carry case and owners manual, no 25 coded test strips, no 10 lancets, no first time using guide, how can Home Shop18 make such a mistake.
On 25 September I called up the Home Shop18 customer support help line and logged a complaint, they promised to deliver the balance products within 2-3 days time, I also sent an e-mail to the customer care on the same day complaint No. 619437 and they promised to do the needful but nothing was done they don’t even bother to reply to the e-mails properly.
Again on 30 September 2014 I wrote another e-mail and again was asked to wait for another 24-48 hours Order No -953890955; Complaint no -113188277.
When it comes to taking money they are very quick but when there is a problem they just try to buy time by sending useless e-mail.
Again on 6 October 2014 I have sent another e-mail asking as to the what has happened and even told them that I would approach the consumer forum and the consumer court if necessary, it is not a big amount but people should know how they are being cheated by Home Shop18.
Now they keep sending me SMS messages saying that they are trying to contact me but are not able to get through, I get calls on this No. not only from India but all over the world. They give false promises to people online and on TV of guaranteed refund and many other things.

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