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Category Online Shopping Added Feb 25, 2015Location FreshFalSabzi have not refunded my money to my accountAdded Feb 25, 2015Location FreshFalSabzi have not refunded my money to my accountViews 102Rating
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In the previous month at the occasion of my marriage anniversary party, I ordered some vegetables and fruits from freshfalsabzi and paid money online. I found that the mentioned time on the website was over but then also I was not able to get my delivery. In this situation, I opened my laptop logged in to the website and cancelled the order. After cancelling the order, I went to the market and bought the required items from there itself. Well, my time was wasted but I was not worried about the money. I thought money will be refunded immediately after the cancellation of the delivery. After three days I went to the ATM machine to take out some money with the same I card with which I paid online to freshfalsabzi. ATM machine did not take out the money and a message flashed that you are running out of balance. I rushed to my laptop again logged in to and checked for the refund of money. Man they had not refunded my money. I called their customer care executive and also mailed them but I got no response. I want to get my money back. Please tell me what to do in order to get my money back from freshfalsabzi.

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