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This is for every one to read before buying any thing from Flipkart.
I have bought Samsung 4k 55HU7000 139 CM (55) LED TV from flipkart on 11/12/2014. According to flipkart website during december 2014 Samsung 4k 55HU7000 139 CM (55) LED TV specs shows that it is capable of displaying 4k content at 60 hz through HDMI port version 2.0 and shows that Samsung 4k 55HU7000 139 CM (55) LED TV has 4 HDMI ports and one of these ports has version 2.0 for displaying 4k content at 60 hz  which is definitely not the case. Have been complaining about this issue to both samsung and flipkart for a week now but of no use. Today I got a call from Samsung (3:00pm to 3:15 pm).Samsung representative who called me is stating that we do not take any responsibility of any specs, service and warranty shown on flipkart or any other website except our official website or official store at any time, period or duration and who so ever is buying any Samsung product from flipkart or any other website except our official website will not be liable for any warranty or service.Samsung representative also said that all Samsung products sold on flipkart and all the websites are imported products from different countries like USA,CHINA,INDONESIA,SINGAPORE,MALAYSIA  and  do not come under samsung india .Samsung representative also gave me example that products sold on flipkart and all other websites are like those products which are sold in GRAY market such as KAROL BAGH AND GAFFAR MARKET without bill. Samsung representative also said that we only provide service and warranty to those customers who buy our products from our authorised showroom or Samsung e-store .Hence   if any problem arrives in my product in near future I will not get any support or service from Samsung and for service and support I have to approach Flipkart only. I also got a call from flipkart today between (12:39 to 12:55) where their representative clearly stated that any issue regarding specs, service, support or anything you have to contact Samsung.

From my experience I am able to figure out one thing that both Samsung and Flipkart are doing a very good job of making a fool out of their customers because neither one of them is willing to take any responsibility of their wrong doing. So I warn everyone to be careful and enquire everything before buying any Samsung product from Flipkart or any other online website.

Kapil juneja

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