Deduction of SMAB charges without informing about the change


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Hi, I am having an account in ICICI Shivaji Nagar branch, Pune from past eight years and my account no. is 003901568687. I was just checking my bank statement and got the shock of my life. My account has been debited by MAB charges since Dec 13 with regular charge, SMAB Chgs-Nov13+Stax 43.26 393.26. I don't have any communication regarding this MAB charges. I have no information from ICICI. No call, no mail and no MSG. Now that I understand that ICICI bank has not informed me about change of balance system, hence any deduction from account for the same is totally wrong and if charges deducted are not credited back to my account then I will be left with no other option but to take this matter to higher authorities and Banking Ombudsman as this is CLEAR VIOLATION of Rule 8(1)(k) i.e. "levying of charges without adequate prior notice to the customer" of The Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006. And one more thing, if there is any charges due at Client side, Bank will call us each and every time but this time, while deducting an amount, Bank didn't realize to give a call. Rumours about the ICICI bank became true when I saw my Bank statement.

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