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Y.Rajeev Reddy,
Chairman and Managing Director,
Country Club(India) Limited,
“AmruthaCastle”, 5-9-16,
Saifabad, OPP.Secretariat,

Also at:
Country Club(India) Limited,
#44-45. Second floor

Centerstage mall

Sector 18,

Noida (UP) – 201301




I am here to make request for the cancelation of my membership (member no: CCDL11V10LB19819) with CCIL, which I took on 25/09/2014 (yesterday) around 8:30 pm on the name of my wife Shweta Jain (member no: CCDL11V10LB19819).


Looking backwards, from the very first call there were some doubts and disconnection between the things which were told to us and the things which were actually provided.


when i came for the initial meeting yesterday, they told about the plan which we were still thinking and thought not to go. we said that let us use your free gift voucher first than according to feedback we will join you but they said that offer is for today only and insisted to take it today only, after that seeing us in a confusion the manger there gave us some complimentary offers also, and got trapped in their marketing.


I was earlier promised with many things but after getting home and reading your Terms and Condition we got to know that we have been falsely promised about many things. And going through reviews and comments of other costumers on government and private social forums, we think that we have been fooled. So i request to cancel our membership with immediate effect.

Secondly, when I got in touch with your executive, Arun around 11 :30 PM on same day, again for the same i.e. cancelation of the membership, instead of guiding me correctly, he suggested me to give a mail after 10 days, but when I checked with AIRDA (, section 2) and even with consumer forum and other costumer reviews, I got to know that there is cooling off period of  10 days in which it clearly states that if I think that the membership which I have taken is not worth l can cancel my membership with you and get full amount(85,000) back if I request u to cancel my membership within these 10 days.   

So, I want you to immediately cancel my membership (details are listed at the end of mail), with you and refund all my money back ASAP as I am still in my cooling off period.

Lastly, for the same cancelation, I visited your branch in centerstage mall, noida from where I got the membership and met with yogendra choudhary (MANGER) and Arun misra (sales representative) and wanted to hand over my cancelation application for the same and get a receiving with office stamp for that but they told me that they are not authorized for this and I need to come there on Monday / Tuesday. Both told that Gurmeet is the authority here and she only can provide stamp. But as I was not satisfied with this, the sales representative, Arun simply singed that application took a copy of that with him and gave the original to me. (Attached a copy of that also)

After that in evening I called Mr. Sanjay (branch manager) and explained the whole case to him and he again told me that whatever has been committed to me he will provide me that on writing and asked me to come on Monday but when I asked that why can’t I meet you tomorrow he roughly said that he have some meetings (this gave me another picture of your customer service) and now at this point I have lost my trust on CCIL and don’t want to continue with you. So I request you to cancel my membership and provide my money back.

We hope we will get a proper answer and help from your side and if in case we don’t get a help from you then we need to go to other Indian authorities to resolve the same.


Details of membership and payment:


Member name: shweta jain

Member no.: CCDL11V10LB19819

Reference no: 09143-19740

Agreement no: 5438  

Payment mode: HDFC credit card

Card holder: hemant kothari

Payment amount: 85,000

Payment receipt no: 000210


Details of branch and agents of CCIL:

Branch name: Country Club(India) Limited,

#44-45. Second floor

Centerstage mall

Sector 18,

Noida (UP) – 201301


Branch manager : Sanjay (9811432777)

Manger name:  yogendra choudhary (9873947985)

Agent name: Arun Sharma (9999657170,9911539238)


Self Contact info:

Shweta Jain w/o Hemant Jain


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