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Category Services Added Jan 17, 2015Location Coke2Home neither delivered the products nor refunding the moneyAdded Jan 17, 2015Location Coke2Home neither delivered the products nor refunding the moneyViews 89Rating
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I had ordered few coke beverages from Coca-Cola owned website called coke2home. The website clearly claims the guaranteed delivery within 1 day. I ordered on 29th Dec 2014 and on 30th I got a mail and SMS stating that the order has been shipped. The order didn’t reach me till 2nd of Jan and during this time I had already enquired 2-3 times with the customer care and they always said that the order will be delivered within 24 hrs.

After 2nd Jan I called up and asked the customer care about the status of the order and they repeated the same thing as above. Then I asked them for refund which they immediately denied saying that the order has already been shipped. After a long debate the customer care executive (CCE) agreed to raise a complaint in this regard and assured that somebody will call within 24 hrs and let you know the status of the complaint. Nobody called up till three days and I had been asking the status about the refund and no CCE was able to provide any update on the complaint.

On 5th Jan 2015 I called up and told them that I am going to file a case against them in Consumer forum. On this within 15 minutes Mr. Irfan (Delivery Head Coke2Home Bangalore) was on the line with me and assured me that he will try his best to get this refunded. In the meantime on 5th Jan 2015, I got a delivery confirmation via email & SMS that the order has been delivered but actually it was not delivered and just to complete the order in their systems they changed the status which would have triggered these SMS & email delivery notifications.

On 6th Jan 2015 I received a mail from their payment gateway about the initiated refund against my order number. Till date I have not received the refund and nobody is answering my questions. Whenever I call Mr. Irfan he always try to buy 2-3 days of time with no definite answers. He had been telling me that the we have refunded but not sure of why isn’t it credited into my credit card.

I need my complete refund and heavy penalties on this site which claims for guaranteed delivery within 1 day and didn’t deliver even after 8 days and now not refunding the money after the approval for past 11 days.
Also to keep their system clean they completed the order – On this I would like to know why did I receive the delivery confirmation mail and SMS when the product was never delivered.
Looks like they are just cheating people by neither delivering the product nor refunding the money.

Site Screenshot Attached which claims the “Guaranteed 1 Day Delivery”
Order Number: 291214-K2-8995
Order Email Id:
Name: Vipul Saxena
Coke2Home Complaint Number: 311214-0675 on 31st Dec 2014
020115-6915 on 2nd Jan 2015

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