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there is a website by the name of it says that no brokerage charges should be paid to a broker on rent deals.

their site should be brought be down as first of all it is demeaning to brokers and its an unfair trade practice by telling consumers that brokers shouldn't get brokerage.

it misguides consumers and consumers think that brokerage on rent should not be paid,

it is stealing the business of many self employed businesses.

it has no right to change a market practice and make a bad effect on so many peoples livelihood.

over and above it seems like a fraudulent company has it has pt a free website, with free registration for owners and clients, with free listings, no sponsors and now they have put up a huge hoarding in khar. if everything is free, how are the hosting their site, how do they get the money to put such expensive hoardings, didnt they contact a hoarding broker for the same  and to top it all why would someone pay money from thier own pocket and provide such a service free of cost. this definitely cant be listed under charitable events.


kindly look into this and save the livelihood of thousands and millions of brokers.

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